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After Digitization? New Research Program of Quantum Technologies

After Digitization? New Research Program of Quantum Technologies eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research announces the approval of a new research program within the field of Quantum physics and technologies. The program framework is described as research for “quantum technologies – from the basics to the market” with total funding of €650 million. “We want to continue and expand the strong position of research in Germany in the field of quantum… Continue reading

University studies for Refugees – a success story

eLearningworld News At the end of 2015, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched a package for refugees to study in German universities. As it has become a great success story the current government is now extending the programme. Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, State Secretary at the BMBF, commented in the following way: “The commitment of German universities and the many student initiatives continues. Meanwhile, several thousand refugees have made it into a regular… Continue reading

Training 4.0 – Introducing a new virtual vision for vocational training

eLearningworld News As the government that first introduced Industry 4.0, the German government now is putting Training 4.0 into practice. The focus is to support the use of virtual reality- and augmented reality technologies to improve the visualisation and the learning by doing environment for vocational training and to boost understanding. Thomas Rachel, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research comments in the following way: “Training 4.0 opens up new opportunities… Continue reading

Mission to accelerate innovation by Small- and Medium-sized Business

eLearningworld News SMEs’ are identified as today’s and even more the future’s main engines of the economy. But a bottleneck in this development is that SMEs’ not have the same capability as big companies to prepare and perform research and development project. Especially in the beginning of a project when there is a lot of risk involved. In this perspective the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is launching the initiative “Innovative SMEs”.… Continue reading

Lifelong Learning required! Research shows promising results

eLearningworld New Adult Education Survey is conducted since 2007 and has during this time shown a massive increase in people between the age 18 to 64 that takes on new educational challenges. In Germany last year, 50 percent of the Germans have taken part in some form of training. Most active in these lifelong training efforts are the group between 18-50 years, but the group aged 50-64 continually increases their engagement in learning during the… Continue reading

Taking the Lead in Research of making Higher Education Digital

eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is now launching a nationwide research-project of how the virtual lecture hall should be designed. It concerns questions of best practice to use digital media for experiments, visualisation improvements with digital media, design and evaluation of examinations etc. An expert jury has selected 20 individual and joint projects at 39 institutes all over Germany that focus on the opportunities and risks of the research… Continue reading

Latest News: Citizen Science taking the Sharing Economy to the next level

eLearningworld News from Germany The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are launching a collaborative approach to science with projects mainly targeted at citizen research and scientific work. This is an approach that not only works to bring in new perspectives to science but also has great prospects to boost the sharing economy (more on this subject later on eLearningworld). Stefan Müller, Parliamentary State Secretary of BMBF, explains: “More and more people are… Continue reading

Latest News: Interest for Science is Growing, according to new survey

eLearningworld News from Germany The Science Barometer 2016 shows that 41% of the Germans are interested in subjects that relate to science comparing with 33% two years ago. While 70% claims that science do more good than harm for the society. “This faith in science is important to crucial questions about the future in order to continue to explore such as digitization or the transformation of energy and drive. The dialogue with citizens should not… Continue reading

Latest News: The German Government introduces Teaching 4.0

eLearningworld News from Germany How can digitization improve higher education? This is what the new research field “Digital University Teaching” is going to answer. Federal Research Minister Johanna Wanka comments: “We want to find the most promising way for the use of new media in higher education. As a basis for a constructive discussion on the opportunities and limits of digitized teaching we need scientific evidence. Therefore must the impact and effectiveness of digital course… Continue reading

Latest News: German Government launch innovation driver of digitalisation

eLearningworld News from Germany “Microelectronics from Germany – innovation driver of digitalisation” is a new framework program with focus on the development of technologies within the field of microelectronics in the general progress of Industry 4.0.  This means areas such as sensor technology, power transmission, construction- and connection technology or system integration. The government acknowledges that many German SMEs are market leaders within these fields and the new initiative will help them boost their research… Continue reading