Oxford University Awarded Major Funding for Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Oxford University Awarded Major Funding for Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Oxford University Awarded Major Funding For Groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Technologies

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Oxford University announced today a significant share of an £80 million investment by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for next-generation artificial intelligence technologies. This funding solidifies the University’s role as a leader in the global AI research sector.

The Oxford hub, led by Professor Michael Bronstein, DeepMind Chair in Artificial Intelligence, will focus on foundational mathematical and computational research with the goal of unlocking more efficient AI systems. Specifically, the hub will aim to answer key questions related to data structures, machine learning model efficiency, and self-adaptive AI systems.

“This is the time for a radical new approach to AI, one grounded in strong mathematical principles,” said Professor Bronstein. “Our research will attract the best mathematical minds to the challenges of developing robust and ethical artificial intelligence.”

The hub’s geographically broad network within the UK will foster collaboration amongst a diverse range of UK experts, while industry partnerships will ensure the research has real-world applications.

UKRI Chief Executive, Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser, emphasised the importance of this investment:

“The investments announced today will help to deliver the capability the UK needs to realise the opportunities of this transformative technology.”

Minister for AI Viscount Camrose added,

“The investment… is only possible as a result of our pro-innovation approach to AI…These hubs will nurture new, cutting-edge breakthroughs.”

EPSRC Executive Chair, Professor Charlotte Deane, highlights,

“These hubs will deliver revolutionary AI innovations and tools… by solving key challenges and improving our understanding of AI helping to drive the increased productivity and economic growth promised by this technology.”

About the AI Hub The research program will bring together close to 40 Oxford researchers across the Department of Computer Science, the Mathematical Institute, and the Department of Statistics. At least 13 PhD students will also participate, ensuring the hub nurtures the next generation of AI experts.

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