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SOE PublishingLab to create Interactive Books

Storyteller Publishinglab För Interaktiva Böcker

Interactive books – the next generation ebooks – are an excellent form of packaging digital content. Since it integrates the ancient power source of the book format with different interactive features to empower it even further. It is a perfect solution for the publisher, author, and educational organization that wants a complete toolbox with digital features to improve the user experience. Not only improved and simplified distribution like the traditional ebook provide in comparison with the printed book. In addition, the interactive book is distributed even more user-friendly than traditional ebooks. Very welcome to Storyteller PublishingLab to create creative interactive books or if you prefer Storyteller On Demand! And please remember we have adapted solutions and services for entrepreneurs and businesses too.

Soe Publishinglab To Create Interactive Books - Next Generation Ebooks

To create interactive books – the next generation ebooks – with gamification and soon augmented reality features

It also includes features like advanced quiz modules including adaptable simulations, AI-based verbal answer-question modules, and interactive videos. Learn more about creating interactive books and the services Storyteller On Demand and Storyteller PublishingLab

Our customer service will answer all Your questions about the makerspace via chat, mail, or forms. Very welcome! Click here to go to the website

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