Germany’s “StartChances” Program Receives Scientific Support for Maximum Educational Impact

Germany’s “StartChances” Program Receives Scientific Support for Maximum Educational Impact

Germany's &Quot;Startchances&Quot; Program Receives Scientific Support For Maximum Educational Impact

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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has published guidelines to fund scientific support for its “StartChances” program. This comprehensive initiative seeks to break the cycle of educational opportunity gaps linked to social background for maximum educational impact. The support will run for the next ten years, aiding the program in achieving its ambitious goals.

According to the Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger the StartChances program marks a turning point in educational policy. That they are committed to an evidence-based approach, seeking continual feedback from the scientific community throughout its implementation. The funding guidelines should guarantee that StartChances can achieve the greatest possible impact as a learning program. 


Scientific support is a foundational component of StartChances and is designed to maximise equality of opportunity. A funded research network will work to:

  • Furnish states’ support structures with scientific expertise
  • Directly assist StartChance schools in effectively implementing the program
  • Deliver insights for enhancing the competency and personality development of children and youth, unhindered by social background.

The network will be interdisciplinary, bridging educational research and practice. It will cooperate with an external program evaluation to continuously assess and fine-tune StartChances’ effectiveness. The overall aim is to nurture a culture of responsiveness and innovation within educational structures, extending benefits nationwide.

The funding guidelines reflect the insights of academics and educational professionals, gathered during the program’s design. Swift development and close federal-state coordination were hallmarks of this process. 

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Source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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