Plans for a Fusion Plant – a new era of energy power solutions in Europe

Plans for a Fusion Plant – a new era of energy power solutions in Europe

Plans For A Fusion Plant - A New Era Of Energy Power Solutions In Europe

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The research of energy power from fusion began in the 1950s. It is a solution that has the potential to solve all energy power problems in a society without fossil fuels and an increasing need for more power in general. Until recently the great prospects were just theories but recently successful experiments have been carried out. From these promising prospects the German Government is now planning to build a full-scale Fusion Power plant to take the next step into the future.

The German Federal Research Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger explains:

“The energy crisis has shown us how essential a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply is. Fusion is the huge opportunity to solve all of our energy problems. With our position paper, we want to take fusion research to the next level so that a fusion power plant becomes a reality as quickly as possible.”

The position paper is the basis for a strategic reorientation of national fusion research and for the way to a first power plant. With a new funding program, the funding of fusion research is to be increased in a targeted manner. It is intended to address both magnetic and laser fusion.

Learn more about Fusion Energy Power in the video below

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