E as in Experience - Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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From lifelong employment to lifelong learning – Further training strategy developing

Listen to the story {Play} Lost are the days when lifelong employment was a possibility to dream of for the youngsters leaving school for the working life. It was an industrial society reality and possibility that does not exist in the digital society. Today the destined path of lifelong employment …


Storytelling for understanding and organisional development

Listen to the story {Play} Pure information is one-dimensional and often lacks the ability to ensure the receiver of the truthfulness of what is communicated. Since such computer-like data is really boring and does not form bridges to engagement. The solution is that you need something to satisfy the audience’s …

To Empower Your Performance by making it a self-fulfilling Prophesy

Listen to the story {Play} New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of California on how to empower your performance takes a mindful approach. The research team has looked into the possibilities to cause positive changes in cognitive functions by manipulating expectations. The study is focusing on long-term …

In the head of an entrepreneur and what we can learn from it

Listen to the story {Play} Entrepreneurship involves an individual’s ability to convert ideas to functional services and products, and further to market success. These characteristics demand a high level of creativity and self-esteem. However, research from Warwick Business School by Gabriela Cacciotti and James Hayton shows that fear also is …