E as in Experience - Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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Creative ability – where does it come from?

Listen to the story {Play} Creative ability basically is the outcome of searching, reorganizing and combining semantic memory. A new research article digs deeper into what mechanisms come into play when a creative idea is generated. Since memory search is not only determined by semantic memory structure but also a …

Empower Your Business with Interactive Storytelling

Listen to the story {Play} To empower your business and boost engagement interactive storytelling with genuine and interest-awakening content can pave the way. As it is interactive and is packaged according to the company’s target group’s preferences. Social media is, of course, a great channel to drive such engaging information …

Gamification Of EdTech: Virtual Learning On The Road To The Metaverse

Listen to the story {Play} Michael Bodekaer Jensen is both an EdTech innovator and a multi-disciplinary academic. He is a co-founder and CEO of Labster. After two disruptive years, many students resemble Ferris Bueller’s bored classmates. Exposure quarantines pushed remote classroom learning from the occasional into the commonplace. Both teachers …