E as in Experience - Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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Soe Publishinglab To Create Interactive Books

Use SOE PublishingLab to create Interactive books, the next generation ebooks. This is an excellent format for the storyteller and teacher to package digital content. Since it integrates the ancient power source of the book format with different interactive features to empower it even further. It is a perfect solution for the publisher, author, and educational organization that wants a complete toolbox with digital features to improve the user experience, make learning more efficient, empower your story and much more.

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France empower the digital strategy for education

Listen to the story {Play} The French government is upgrading its digital strategy for education. This, after it, since March 2022 has involved all stakeholders in education including the State, its operators, local authorities, publishers and EdTechs, and associations to strategically reflect on digital technology for education. This with focus …

New App with great impact on Memory Recall

Listen to the story {Play} Researchers mainly from Toronto University have developed a smartphone app that improves memory recall. The app enhances the encoding of memories stored in the brain by boosting attention to daily events. Then it consolidates them more distinctly in order to later enable richer, more comprehensive …