E as in Experience - Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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Augmented Reality in practice – Separate worlds becoming one

Listen to the story {Play} Augmented Reality in practice adds a new dimension is being added to the mission of designing for interaction with the user. This delivers an illusion of actually bringing 3D-objects beyond the screen out of the smartphone or tablet to interact with the environment outside the …

Solution for 50+ professionals – adapted training programme

Listen to the story {Play} Among corporate executives there are concerns that 50+ professionals not will be able to keep up in a working life with continuous technological innovations and have less stress-tolerance. This line of thinking, however, is a relic from the time when professionals that was over 45 years …

Benefits of communicating with a virtual human for people with emotional distress

Listen to the story {Play} Sharing emotional distress people with others are not always an optimal solution. The phenomenon is termed social sharing, but a lot of people do not feel comfortable with this both when it comes to the sender and the receiver. At the same time as professional …

From lifelong employment to lifelong learning – Further training strategy developing

Listen to the story {Play} Lost are the days when lifelong employment was a possibility to dream of for the youngsters leaving school for the working life. It was an industrial society reality and possibility that does not exist in the digital society. Today the destined path of lifelong employment …

Storytelling for understanding and organisional development

Listen to the story {Play} Pure information is one-dimensional and often lacks the ability to ensure the receiver of the truthfulness of what is communicated. Since such computer-like data is really boring and does not form bridges to engagement. The solution is that you need something to satisfy the audience’s …