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E as in Experience – Interactive Books with Integrated Storytelling

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Without EQ, it’s likely that you will be your firm’s best-kept secret

Let your senses guide you, embrace self-awareness/adaptability, collaboration/collegiality and empathy, in other words, use your emotional intelligence (EQ) as the key to success in your working life. These are the advice in Harvard Business Review by James Runde, the author of the book UNEQUALED, with 40 years of experience from …


Persuasion – How to optimize communication according to new research

Text or Video? Happy or Sad story? New research gives extraordinary results on how to optimize communication. Many will have the intuitive response that a video clip in general would do much more to persuade people than a text. But new research from MIT shows that video clips “have only …

Artificial Intelligence is learning Social Interaction Skills

AI models of language work great at specific tasks. One example is predicting the next word when you are typing a text. However, the new generation of artificial intelligence is learning the more underlying meaning of the language, which is put in practice e.g. results in question answering, document summarization, …

Redesigning work experience and customer experience Part I

What if you could use the same mechanisms to both improve employees work environment and customers’ experience of your business? By redesigning work experience with gamification mechanisms these features can be used for the customer’s experience too as well as building your brand. Basically, it is an empowering way to …

Gamification in Business – Psychology and Integration

A multi-disciplinary research team from the University of Minnesota, USA, University of Waterloo, Canada, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada, Old Dominion University, USA, and the University of Basel, Switzerland has developed a research method to use psychology models to research the impact of gamification in business etc. The …

Innovation Clusters to shape the future

The future cluster initiative was announced in 2019 by the German Government as an open-topic competition under the motto “Clusters4Future”. It was the new flagship of the high-tech strategy 2025. Now in October, the first seven innovation clusters in Clusters4Future are starting the implementation phase. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek …