Speeding up Digitization in School

Speeding up Digitization in School

Speeding Up Digitization In School

Further training of teachers in programming and more funding for digital learning books. This is the Norwegian Government’s new deal toÖkar Farten På Digitalisering I Skolan speed up the digitization of school. During 2019 379 teachers will receive training in programming. This more than twice as much that received education within this field during 2018. Besides the obvious specific demand for this kind of competence. It is also working to raise digital competence in general and produces a stepping stone to a learning by doing pedagogy in school. In which creativity is one of the main driving forces. All this is skills that are required in the developing connected work environment that the digital society brings.

Focus on digital learning books

In this spirit, the Norwegian government also continue its ambitious investment with about €5 million of funding for development and implementation of digital learning books. The new project is on the same funding level as last year. The Minister of Education Tore Sanner comments in the following way:

“Today’s school pupils should not only be equipped to be able to use new technology and new tools. They should develop, lead and drive technology further. Then it is important to both the teachers’ competence, the digital equipment and the digital learning books are available.”


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