Focus on Smart Technologies when renewing technician education

Focus on Smart Technologies when renewing technician education

Focus On Smart Technologies When Renewing Technician Education

Luxembourg’s Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, presented on May 7, 2019, a new technician training inFokus På Smarta Teknologier När Teknikerutbildning Förnyas Smart Technologies. Five schools will offer such education for the future Digital Society’s technicians where the courses start in September 2019. The schools include the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Ettelbruck Technical High School, Guillaume Kroll High School, Lënster Lycée and Emile Metz Private School. The 4-year education is divided in a 2-year general course and 2 years of specialization. Claude Meisch comments in the following way:

“With the digitization of our economy and our daily lives, the field is evolving very rapidly. In terms of vocational training, we must look further and further into the future and prepare students today for the jobs of tomorrow. It’s about constantly adapting to the needs and aspirations of students as well as the needs and challenges of businesses.”

Smart Technologies

The training has a special focus on technologies like robotics, Smart and Green Energy, Smart Home, electromobility, Internet of Things, communication networks and so on. The fields that can be selected for specialization during the third and fourth year is infontronics, renewable energy, robotics and automation, smart energy and e-controls.


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