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The demand for teacher training increases when education turns digital

eLearningworld News 10 000 teachers in Norway applied for further teacher training 2018, which is 600 more than the year before. The focus on the applications is to meet the new requirements of mathematics and language in the new Norwegian curriculum. At the same time as new courses in programming and digitalisation is being introduced. The minister of education Jan Tore Sanner comments in the following way: “It is important that the pupils are learning… Continue reading

The benefits of learning to code at old adult age, new research from UC

eLearningworld News A new, probably the first, research study on people of the age of 60+ that is learning to code, has been published by the cognitive scientist, Philip Guo at University of California, San Diego. It is based on a survey that included 504 users of pythontutor.com between the ages of 60 and 85 from 52 different countries. The results show on what motivated older adults to learn coding was both age-related and non-age-related reasons.… Continue reading

Latest News: Kids in Finland want a robot to help them with their homework

eLearningworld News from Finland From this term, coding is a part of the general curriculum in Finnish schools. Besides improving problem-solving skills and logic thinking, this is giving the pupils new ideas of how to use technology to improve learning. The Finnish TV-station YLE is reporting from Pargas that the pupils had loads of workable ideas to ideas that still (later on?) is science fiction. However, robots that helping with homework sounds like a good… Continue reading

Latest News: Nationwide School Coding Competition with Raspberry Pi

eLearningworld News from Lebanon The $35-micro-computer Raspberry Pi will be delivered for free to more than 30 schools across Lebanon. This is the first step in a nationwide coding competition between both private and public schools that has selected teams with 3-5 members for the competition. The projects will be guided by teachers in the schools and the teachers will receive free continual face-to-face training from experts in Lebanon and the Cambridge Code Academy, UK.… Continue reading

Latest News: Programming will be integrated in the Swedish School Curriculum

eLearningworld News from Sweden The Swedish Government announcing that digital competence and coding will be integrated in the Swedish school curriculum. “Access to computers is not enough, it is the teaching and the teachers knowledge that produce the pupils digital competence.”, the Minister of Education Gustav Fridolin, the Minister of Secondary Schools and Further Education Aida Hadzialic and the IT-Minister Mehmet Kaplan writes. Swedish school children have in an international comparison good access to computers… Continue reading

Latest News: Competition on innovative practical use of Digital Media in School

eLearningworld News from Germany Twelve schools are winners of the competition “Learning with digital media” that was organised by the Ministry of Education in Schleswig-Holstein. The price was totally €200 000 to share among the winners that now also are termed model schools. Totally 111 schools on all levels participated in the competition.  “It has been shown that we have many schools where the practical use of digital media in the classroom is very active,”… Continue reading