Speeding up Digitization in School

Further training of teachers in programming and more funding for digital learning books. This is the Norwegian Government’s new deal to speed up the digitization of school. During 2019 379 teachers will receive training in programming. This more than twice as much that received education within this field during 2018. Besides the obvious specific demand for this kind of competence. It is also working to raise digital competence in general and produces a stepping stone… Continue reading

Edtech improving young Congolese learners’ future prospects

3.8 million girls between the age of 5 and 17 are cannot go to the traditional school in Congo, even though the government is working to overbridge this deficit there are many obstacles, especially in rural areas. Instant Schools offered by the Vodafone Foundation is a digital learning platform that makes it possible for everybody to get access to school. And as it today providing education to 675 000 young people in Africa it already… Continue reading

Book publishing as a source of success – Today’s development

LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY  > PART5 > NEW SECTION JUNE 14 2018 In our Swedish edition, we have published a series of stories about book publishing as a source of transformation both at the birth of the industrial society and now in pioneering years of the digital society. In the former transformation the focus of our stories was directed on two protagonists in Sweden during the first half of the 19th Century, the… Continue reading