Making Gamification as a serious integrator of Engagement

Making Gamification as a serious integrator of Engagement

Making Gamification As A Serious Integrator Of EngagementIntegrating engagement in an organization with gamification

So you have reached a new level, WOW! Great work! Higher-level often means higher status, you feel the heat, must continue, to the next level and even higher status is within your reach. You never know what is waiting around the next corner besides basically more action, more problem-solving, more fun, time to satisfy your curiosity. The dopamine flows through your brain. However, computer games and gamification are a fictional world. But what if you put such components to work for you for your own advantage in the real world?

Dopamine thrills

The brain runs on Dopamine, not really, such a claim is too excessive. But Dopamine is included in several important systems that regulate movement, joy, enthusiasm, concentration, and so on. Nevertheless, Dopamine does not like a drug has an impact on the experience in itself. Instead, it empowers the will to search for things and environments that cause joy and pleasure. This is a process that intensifies motivation, curiosity, and the will to explore.

Well-designed computer-game-environments are an optimal target for Dopamine thrills. Since it is fictional, meaning that it will not cause any harm to you or others whatever you do in the system. At the same time, as you climbing a success-ladder and adding new and higher levels to your profile, and gaining status. This is really the core in order to enhance engagement in a system new dynamics have to be implemented in the form of Dopamine thrills. Game-components, as described above, co-relate well to accomplish this with mechanisms like socializing, exploring, competing, creating, problem-solving, managing, collaborating, and so on.

”Without emotional evaluation of different activities and their consequences, our will would not have any direction.”
Peter Gärdenfors, Professor of Cognitive Science

Gamification for rational intelligence and emotional intelligence

After satisfying the rational intelligence of your users with qualitative service. Your customers with qualitative services and products to buy and employees with a good salary and working conditions. Their emotional intelligence also must be satisfied. Since with its guidance, it will lead your users, customers, and employees to the understanding that they do not want to leave. Developed and integrated in the right way it can be a very powerful and revolutionizing tool for an organization. Making flows of Dopamine redirect in your way.

Written by
LarsGöran Boström©

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