Neuroscience on Digital Marketing to improve Interaction

Neuroscience on Digital Marketing to improve Interaction

Neuroscience research shows how users react to and engage with in-app mobile video ads. The purpose of the research was to help marketers of digital marketing understand the main keys to gain higher ad receptivity. To get more human attention to boost your brand. In the study users’ reactions to ads were monitored to two different ad-formats, but with the same creative output.

Digital Marketing that boosts engagement

Neuroscience On Digital Marketing To Improve InteractionThe lead researchers, Dr Thomas Ramsoy, PhD, CEO, Neurons Inc., and adjunct professor at the University of Copenhagen, and Diana Lucaci, neuromarketing expert and CEO of True Impact found that

“… embedded opt-in ads that rewarded attention and presented within the context of user’s app experiences yielded eight times more mental engagement, more than three times amount of time spent with the brand. And significantly higher brand recall and positive sentiment than standard interstitial video ads.”

The method was based on using scientific-grade technologies to monitor subjects’ interactions. This including neuro and biometric responses before, during, and after the moment of ad delivery.

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