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According to UNHCR: “More than 65 million people are currently uprooted by wars and persecution worldwide, including more than 21 million refugees. Half of them are children, far too many of whom are missing out on an education. According to a UNHCR report, only 50 per cent are enrolled in primary school, 22 per cent in secondary, and one per cent in tertiary education.” But there are good examples of hope of a brighter future to which education is the bridge and digital tools besides good teachers are the force to cross that bridge. Instant Network Schools (INS) has 31 centers in Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These schools include a “digital box” with a set of computer tablets, solar-powered batteries, a satellite or mobile network and a suite of content and online learning material. Another important part of the great performance of these educational centers is that teachers receive IT support and ongoing training. Besides the logistic benefits and that the content is continually updated both students and teachers experience much more motivation in the learning- and teaching-process. Gadafi Mohamed, a teacher in Hagadera camp in Dadaab explains: “Since we started using ICT there have been a number of improvements. It is basically visualizing things other than teaching from the textbooks, and the students have really developed their interest.” Source: UNHCR