Edtech improving young Congolese learners’ future prospects

3.8 million girls between the age of 5 and 17 are cannot go to the traditional school in Congo, even though the government is working to overbridge this deficit there are many obstacles, especially in rural areas. Instant Schools offered by the Vodafone Foundation is a digital learning platform that makes it possible for everybody to get access to school. And as it today providing education to 675 000 young people in Africa it already… Continue reading

EDTech and Renewable Energy to growth hack Africa

eLearningworld News 17 million of 128 million children (13%) in the school-age in Africa will never go to school because of lack of access and/or the fact that the format of traditional education does not suit their living conditions. In addition, the average age of the African population is 19.5 years, which means that it is a very young continent where 60 percent live in rural areas often far from educational centres. This is the foundation… Continue reading

Innovative EdTech solutions bringing refugees a bridge to a brighter future in Africa

eLearningworld News According to UNHCR: “More than 65 million people are currently uprooted by wars and persecution worldwide, including more than 21 million refugees. Half of them are children, far too many of whom are missing out on an education. According to a UNHCR report, only 50 per cent are enrolled in primary school, 22 per cent in secondary, and one per cent in tertiary education.” But there are good examples of hope of a… Continue reading

Ten million Students get access to the eLearning World

eLearningworld HigherED News Association of African Universities (AAU) has signed an agreement with eLearnAfrica to give ten million students access to higher education through online learning. With this agreement, higher education can be accessed everywhere, including rural areas. “We’re glad to welcome early adapters, like the Zambian Open University, that already offer online degrees. Now, with this agreement with the AAU, we’ll be able to support more universities to make the jump to e-learning,” Brook… Continue reading

40 years after the Soweto student uprising – ICT builds educational growth

eLearningworld Weekly Review Yesterday, forty years have past since the Soweto student uprising started. High school students protested against racism and other injustices in school and the change of language in education to Afrikaans, in Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words: “the language of the oppressor”. The 20 000 protesters was met by extreme police brutality from the apartheid regime where the official number of students that was killed is 176, but other estimations says that real… Continue reading

Latest News: Growing frustration at eLearning conference in Cairo

eLearningworld News from Africa The 11th eLearning Africa Conference in Cairo, Egypt, that took place between May 24-26 showed a sparkling startup-scene on the African continent. However, transforming the educational systems into the digital era that is a prerequisite to boost the economic and societal development is lagging behind. This caused a lot frustration at the conference, e.g. Egyptian minister of communications and information technology H.E. Yasser ElKadysaid: “We are not going to wait until 2063.”… Continue reading

Latest News: ICT skills development for 10 000 students in Rwanda

eLearningworld News from Rwanda Worldwide e-Learning Campus, an agency connected to Rwanda’s Ministry of Education, is launching a progressive programme to develop and improve ICT student’s skills across Rwanda in collaboration with Ericsson. The program starts November 1 and is focused on a blended learning approach where Ericsson’s Online Academy with a wide range of courses is a vital part. Student’s can e.g. accomplish Ericsson’s technical cloud certification. The main goal is to improve ICT… Continue reading

Latest News: Africa closing in with Edtech

eLearningworld News from Africa Only 4% of the households in Africa have internet access. However, more than 50% of the population owns cell phones. The educational development is literally in the hands of the people, which will boost the positive economical development that is taking place in many corners of the African continent. Distance learning with eLearning applications will to large extent form the future workforce. And this environment of good future prospects is already… Continue reading

Latest News: Educating Public Administration – ICT building the road to a knowledge-based society

eLearningworld News from Africa The Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) is an international NGO that is founded by the United Nations’ Information and Communications Technology Taskforce. Sixteen Anglophone and Francophone countries in Africa participate in the African Leadership in ICT capacity building programme. Until today, almost 500 senior-level government officials have graduated from the course. The curriculum is based on an online course that is blended with face-to-face sessions. The participants spend 15 hours… Continue reading

Latest News: Cameroon Government plans 200 eLearning-centers in rural areas to fight illiteracy

eLearningworld News from Cameroon The Cameroon Government is starting a project to fight illiteracy i villages on the countryside. The tool is eLearning and the method is to build 200 computer-centers across the country to promote educational technology. This should be seen in the light of that according to Cameroons national bureau of statistics 70% of the children in rural areas do not go to school. This is because of poverty or the school-buildings are… Continue reading