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17 million of 128 million children (13%) in the school-age in Africa will never go to school because of lack of access and/or the fact that the format of traditional education does not suit their living conditions. In addition, the average age of the African population is 19.5 years, which means that it is a very young continent where 60 percent live in rural areas often far from educational centres. This is the foundation to why educational technologies are seen as one of Africa’s main growth markets. This besides when put in practice it will make the continent flourish in many other areas and make the society take leaps of development in general. One of these areas is renewable energy innovation. The RECP programme (Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme) is focusing on developing renewable energy markets in Africa by training the next generation of professionals within this field. A new report from the programme promotes the vision to more generally use edtech and online learning solutions to boost this field within higher education. Both because of the benefits with digital as a tool, in case e.g. for lab-experiments with virtual reality and augmented reality as well as to cut costs with use of shared resources, besides benefits mentioned above about flexibility and distribution. Source: AllAfrica and UniversityWorldNews