University studies for Refugees – a success story

eLearningworld News At the end of 2015, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched a package for refugees to study in German universities. As it has become a great success story the current government is now extending the programme. Cornelia Quennet-Thielen, State Secretary at the BMBF, commented in the following way: “The commitment of German universities and the many student initiatives continues. Meanwhile, several thousand refugees have made it into a regular… Continue reading

Innovative EdTech solutions bringing refugees a bridge to a brighter future in Africa

eLearningworld News According to UNHCR: “More than 65 million people are currently uprooted by wars and persecution worldwide, including more than 21 million refugees. Half of them are children, far too many of whom are missing out on an education. According to a UNHCR report, only 50 per cent are enrolled in primary school, 22 per cent in secondary, and one per cent in tertiary education.” But there are good examples of hope of a… Continue reading

Latest News: Government improves integration with learning portal for refugee children

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government launches a new online learning portal to improve the learning-process for refugee children to learn Norwegian and other school subjects. includes textbooks that already being used in the Norwegian school, but they are translated to several other languages. This will improve the learning environment in general but especially in locations where there is not any teacher that speaks the childrens’ native language. Another project that the government… Continue reading

Latest News: Germany’s strategy to welcome refugees – Education is the key

eLearningworld News from Germany The Ministry of Education identifies three main areas to help refugees to enter the German society: – Learning the German language, – Recognition of skills and capacities, – Integration into training and work. It is basically a humanitarian task to integrate refugees quickly. The Federal Education Minister Johanna Wanka explains. “Integration through education is therefore in the coming years the focus of our policy.” In this strategy the learning app “Einstieg Deutsch”… Continue reading

Latest News: Lost generation? 13 million children denied school-education

eLearningworld News from UN The wars in the Middle East is jeopardising a whole generation of childrens’ future. UN reports that 13 million children at the moment have no possibilities to go to school. Research shows that each additional year of education boosts a person’s income by 10 per cent and increases a country’s GDP by 18 per cent. Some researchers estimate that if every child learned to read, around 170 million fewer people would… Continue reading