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69% IT-professionals says online learning more effective than offline education

eLearningworld News In a survey targeting  IT-professionals in India about how they want to learn the main results shows that a large majority prefer online learning instead of offline education. Only 8% believed instructor-led classes to be effective learning, while they preferred freedom in learning instead of directed. The learning styles the 568 IT-professionals that participated in the survey preferred was Just-in-time learning, it should be byte-sized with different forms of repetition. The most interesting… Continue reading

Innovative EdTech solutions bringing refugees a bridge to a brighter future in Africa

eLearningworld News According to UNHCR: “More than 65 million people are currently uprooted by wars and persecution worldwide, including more than 21 million refugees. Half of them are children, far too many of whom are missing out on an education. According to a UNHCR report, only 50 per cent are enrolled in primary school, 22 per cent in secondary, and one per cent in tertiary education.” But there are good examples of hope of a… Continue reading

Ten million Students get access to the eLearning World

eLearningworld HigherED News Association of African Universities (AAU) has signed an agreement with eLearnAfrica to give ten million students access to higher education through online learning. With this agreement, higher education can be accessed everywhere, including rural areas. “We’re glad to welcome early adapters, like the Zambian Open University, that already offer online degrees. Now, with this agreement with the AAU, we’ll be able to support more universities to make the jump to e-learning,” Brook… Continue reading

Building bridges with Online Learning to educate the uneducated

“About 20 000 Pakistani children in the UAE are sitting at home without an education because their parents cannot afford the fees of private schools and community Pakistani schools are full” Samina Nasir former principal of a Pakistani school in Ajman, said to the National. Now an online learning project that targets these children has started for Primary School, grade 1 to 6. Soon grade 7 to 10 will be offered and the goal is to… Continue reading

Latest News: Online Learning Revolution and impact on a 172-year-old Educational Company

eLearningworld News from the World The impact of online learning during especially the past decade is ground-breaking. What started as a vision of improved distribution of education, today includes engagement boosters like gamification, borderless learning in a MOOC, micro-courses adapted to your personal schedule, big data analytics to improve the learning experience, AR, VR and much, much more. In this spirit Sage Publishing is now launching The SAGE Encyclopedia of Online Education that addresses an… Continue reading

Latest News: Government improves integration with learning portal for refugee children

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government launches a new online learning portal to improve the learning-process for refugee children to learn Norwegian and other school subjects. Skolekassa.no includes textbooks that already being used in the Norwegian school, but they are translated to several other languages. This will improve the learning environment in general but especially in locations where there is not any teacher that speaks the childrens’ native language. Another project that the government… Continue reading

Latest News: MOOC Trends 2015 – Doubled amount of MOOC students worldwide

eLearningworld News from the World According to ICEF Monitor 35 million people enrolled in MOOCs during 2015 in approximately 4200 courses offered by 500 universities. This means that the amount of learners doubled last year in comparison with the year before. The MOOC-providing companies were also more focused on revenue than the years before, which means that more courses offered academic credits as well as full degrees etc. Coursera and edX are still the largest… Continue reading

Latest News: Report on how Online Learning transforming Higher Education

eLearningworld News from Sweden and USA In a report from the independent Research Institute, Ratio that is based in Stockholm, the researchers goes beyond MOOCs to find which additional parts the general digitalisation trend of higher education consist of. The conclusions include that the digitalisation will produce a massive transformation of the universities’ organisation as well as their offer to the students. The report is a field-study of successful online-universities in the US and shows… Continue reading

Latest News: Security Issues in Online Education for Pupils

eLearningworld News from World New York Times reports that many educational websites have security problems, which can allow unauthorized people to steal data like pupils names, files and skill level etc. There is cases where passwords was found unencrypted and some were even available in plain text. However, so far none of the security issues found of the 20 websites and apps that was analysed appears to have been exploited by hackers. But since such… Continue reading

NML: The creative generation and the semantic web

Tim Berners-Lee is the scientist that in the beginning of 1990s delivered the Internet to the public by his creation the World Wide Web. The foundation for Web 1.0 was based on HTTP, HTML and URL, a combination that made the web eternal. The result of Berners-Lee’s efforts totally lacks comparison in media history. During the first 1000 days of the existence of the web, 100 000 users produced more than 450 000 websites, thousands… Continue reading