Eye-Tracking for skills development with VR-Analytics

Eye-Tracking for skills development with VR-Analytics

Eye-Tracking For Skills Development With Vr-AnalyticsWhat happens if you combine eye-tracking, VR and analytics? The answer is that you get an environment to monitor what drives human attention. This is performed across an unlimited number of hypothetical scenarios. This includes areas like improving marketing. Where e.g. a retailer that quickly can optimize a store design after tracking the visual attention of shoppers in the store. Skills development is another area where this concept is making great improvements.

VR and Eye-Tracking for skills development

For instance, a manufacturing company can monitor and analyse workers responses in different scenarios like when warnings occur. Flight simulations are one more obvious example, as well as monitoring doctors visual skills during surgery. A third area that benefits from the combination eye-tracking, VR-analytics is the designers work where David Watts, Managing Director, CCD Design & Ergonomics says the following:

“We want to bring evidence into the design process, the visualizations tell us what people actually look at and how their attention is drawn to different design interventions we make.”

In this spirit, Tobii has launched Tobii Pro VR Analytics that is designed to work with actual eye-movement data that is enabled by VR headsets.

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LarsGoran Bostrom©

Author of the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” where the 6iModel for creative project management is presented. The model empowers critical thinking and visualisation of the ideas to make the process more efficient. The model can be used for most forms of projects where creativity, problem-solving and innovation are the driving forces. LarsGoran is the founder of eLearningworld Europe AB, and also the developer of SOE (Storyteller on eLearningworld) – a new platform for integrated storytelling in interactive books, soon with augmented reality features.

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