Aiming for 1% of the population to have knowledge of AI

Aiming for 1% of the population to have knowledge of AI

Aiming For 1% Of The Population To Have Knowledge Of AiThe success in Finland with a Basic Online Course about what you can do with AI and howMålsättning: Att 1% Av Befolkningen Har Kunskaper Om Ai you can start up to developing AI applications is now coming to Sweden. 1% of Finland’s population has finished the course to improve knowledge of AI so far. It has been developed by Helsinki University and the tech developer Reaktor.

Knowledge of AI – the challenge

In this spirit, the Swedish Governmental Agency, Vinnova, is taking up the challenge of also making the Swedes more AI savvy. The goal is that 100 000 should have finished the course before the end of 2019. So far about 50 businesses and other organisations have adopted the challenge, e.g. the Swedish Tax Authority, Volvo and Academedia. The course, Elements of AI, is free of charge. And it is offered in Sweden in cooperation between Linköping University Vinnova, AI Competence and AI Innovation of Sweden. The curriculum of the course consists of six chapters including “What is artificial intelligence?”, “AI in practice” and “Machine Learning”.


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