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The European AI Challenge and solutions

The European AI Challenge and solutions2100 European researchers have taken on the challenge to develop a Google-The European AI Challenge and solutionsinspired infrastructure for artificial intelligence to take up competition against China and the US. The collaboration is called the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe  (Claire). It includes experts from 29 countries. As Europe has a great number of startups within the field. To meet the competition Europe has to improve infrastructure, funding and a clear develop a strategy for AI.

One sign that the use of AI already is developing in Europe at a larger scale is an EU-funded project to speed up traffic and to improve security at EU’s external borders. The AI-based automatic system is evaluating travellers with lie-detecting avatars that includes advanced analysis and risk management.

As 700 million people enter the European Union every year the pressure on the external borders are increasingly intense. The intelligent control system is called IBORDERCTRL.  For a trial period, it starts at the border controls of Hungary, Greece and Latvia. The purpose is to prevent crime and terrorism to speed up the process of entering the EU for law-abiding people. The project coordinator George Boultadakis of European Dynamics in Luxembourg says that: “IBORDERCTRL’s system will collect data that will move beyond biometrics and on to biomarkers of deceit.” Source: EU Commission and South China Morning Post

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