Internationalisation of Higher Education in Europe Gains Momentum

Internationalisation of Higher Education in Europe Gains Momentum

Internationalisation Of Higher Education In Europe Gains Momentum

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A recent survey of higher education professionals across Europe suggests an increasing focus on measuring the impact of internationalisation efforts. The EAIE Barometer, in its third edition, reveals that 63% of respondents feel a sense of urgency around demonstrating the impact of internationalisation at their institutions.

Pressure to Show Results of Internationalisation initiatives

Nearly half of the survey respondents report significant pressure to demonstrate the impact of internationalisation initiatives. This pressure primarily comes from internal leadership and national education authorities. Interestingly, respondents indicate a concern with how reputation and rankings factor into impact assessments – just as much as core areas like student learning outcomes and research activity.

Key Areas of Interest

The survey also delved into key areas of interest for higher education professionals. Top topics included student/staff well-being, digitalization of administrative tasks, and inclusion and diversity. Respondents expressed varying levels of satisfaction regarding their institution’s planning, leadership commitment, and resource allocation within these topics.

Mixed Results, Need for Improvement

While there’s been progress in areas like the digitalization of administrative tasks, many professionals believe institutions need to invest more financial and non-financial resources to improve internationalisation efforts. They also identified a need for stronger leadership and clearer action plans when addressing key topics. 

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