Children’s Mental Health Crisis Worsens: Technology Offers Hope

Children’s Mental Health Crisis Worsens: Technology Offers Hope

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Experts warn that children’s mental health is a vital yet severely overlooked issue during regional and global crises. Despite half of all psychological problems in German adolescents arising before age 14, limited research and support exist for this vulnerable group. This lack of early intervention has lifelong repercussions, increasing the risk of mental disorders in adulthood.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly worsened the situation. Children with mental health struggles now face therapy wait times that have nearly doubled. In Germany, the average wait is a staggering six months – a critical delay in a child’s rapidly developing life. Early intervention is crucial for building a resilient society.

Children's Mental Health Crisis Worsens: Technology Offers Hope

Technology Offers Hope

Recognizing that today’s children are digital natives, there is hope for innovative solutions. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has announced funding for research projects that use interactive, gamified technology to improve children’s mental health care. Experts believe these tools can boost therapy engagement, provide more regular interventions, and offer support between professional sessions.

This important initiative aligns with the BMBF’s mission to bolster the nation’s health, technological sovereignty, and social resilience. The use of technology in mental health also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring good health and well-being.

Key Points From the Announcement about Children’s Mental Health

  • Research Focus: Interactive technologies (including wearable sensors), understandable presentation of health data for children, digital health tracking, support beyond in-person therapy, and methods to include therapists and families in the research process.
  • Urgent Need: Addressing the increasing mental health crisis among children and the long wait times for therapy.
  • Benefits of Technology: Greater access and engagement, especially for children as digital natives.

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Founder of eLearningworld Europe AB

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