UX Design as the key to achieve Your goals

UX Design as the key to achieve Your goals

Ux Design As The Key To Achieve Your Goals First of all, you need to design an entrance, a window of opportunity Ux Design Nyckeln Till Att Uppnå Dina Mål

that satisfies the preferences of the target group(s) and also that engages the mind on an individual level. Purpose, outcome and interactivity but also unique Design Ως Κινητήριος Μοχλός Για Την Επίτευξη Των Στόχω Μαςaesthetics are important, and at the same time to not produce a cognitive overload for the receiver. Especially since it is at the next step the receiver should transform into an interactor. Here the terms of the goals that the stakeholders want to achieve are being generated in an interactive and engaging way. The mission is to pull the interactor into the concept where edutainment, purposeful inspiration and triggers for action is some of the mechanisms. UX design is in this spirit one of the most important triggers to achieve a preferable outcome, to make people take action.

Foundational mechanisms that drive workable design

But then, what foundational mechanisms drive workable design? The description above seems like a fast-track solution, but it isn’t, think “slow”, quick-fixes generally does not work in the digital economy. Since if the UX design does not satisfy the user, they are one click from moving somewhere else. This spirit also has a great impact outside the web nowadays. It is in those special micro-moments. When people are ready to buy your idea(s), product or service that you long for. While all the time in between should be an experience of engaging edutainment.

UX Design interactions

In this way, you grow an honest relationship with your audience. Such relation requires transparency and simplicity, and furthermore that the design approach starts from the user. That it inspires the user to interact, stay longer and continue to come back. To accomplish this. The design should empower the user in order to intuitively understand the purpose and benefits. While it is triggered by positive surprises if the user stays and progress along the way. However, traps within the user-experience, like hidden fees, negative turnouts etc must be avoided. Since one click and one second later the user has turned into a defector by moving to another location. In other words, a workable design requires transparency. When it comes to the terms and should include unexpected added value to improve engagement and to grow loyalty.

Written by
LarsGoran Bostrom©
Author of the book Learning Design in Practice for Everybody and developer of the SOE-makerspace for interactive books

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