Trends – most read and listened stories 2022 on

Trends – most read and listened stories 2022 on

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Here follows the most read and listened stories 2022, and what will lead the way into 2023 on eLearningworld.

Happy New Year!

Trends - Most Read And Listened Stories 2022 On

most read and listened stories 2022

  1. The lifelong learner as a co-creator of knowledge
  2. Know the Top-Rated Mobile UI-UX Trends Go Popular in 2022
  3. Gamification Of EdTech: Virtual Learning On The Road To The Metaverse
  4. How AI and Gamification boost people’s behaviour
  5. The Next Advance In Augmented Reality Will Put Powerful Tools In Consumers’ Hands
  6. Solution for 50+ professionals – adapted training programme
  7. Tiny machine learning design alleviates a bottleneck in memory usage on internet-of-things devices
  8. Faking it: Deepfake crime exposing cyber security skill gaps 


Interactive book design – research and benefits

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