European Job Market 2023 – New values rules the game Part 2

European Job Market 2023 – New values rules the game Part 2

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European Job Market 2023 - New Values Rules The Game Part 2

Design thinking is a term that now also applies to successful talent management on the European job market. Since it captures the new values that was reinforced during the pandemic. Where the employees work experiences determine the level of loyalty and will to stay in a workplace. In other words the level of adaption to the worker’s prerequisites and requirements. This in a time of transformation where the prospects of doing somethingelse, in another form, never have been greater.

New values on the job market

In the McKinsey report mentioned in the first part of this story the authors identify three points for employers to handle the new values of the job market. These values that have generally to some extent different sources in Europe than other parts of the world thanks to the social security system and a reluctance to change work. However, in the development from working for somebody to working with somebody. Where the job market becomes less hierarchical and more entrepreneurial. The outcome of transformation is leading to a European job market of experiences. The design thinking approach is here the key. The authors of the report conclude:

“The European workforce is not immune to the attrition trend we’ve seen sweep across countries over the past several years. The mindsets of European employees have changed since the pandemic began, and many are no longer willing to stay at organizations that don’t value their contributions or offer a future that excites them.”

Three points for employers to grasp:

1.Investing in the employees with advancement opportunities, personalised compensation and strategic leadership to form inspiring working days.

2.Reward loyalty and lifelong learning, including provide such opportunities.

3.As the battle for talent accelerates, think out of the box, and go after those who have left the traditional work force, like self-employed, giggers and retired people etc.

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