Solution for 50+ professionals – adapted training programme

Solution for 50+ professionals – adapted training programme

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Among corporate executives there are concerns that 50+ professionals not will be able to keep up in a working life with continuous technological innovations and have less stress-tolerance. This line of thinking, however, is a relic from the time when professionals that was over 45 years old did not get any further training in the corporate world since it was not expected to give enough return of investment. Today, such discrepancies is cured with lifelong learning in general, but the myth lives on. New research from Bonn University, the Section of Developmental and Educational Psychology, shows how to make such learning efficient for professionals over 50.

Solution For 50+ Professionals - Adapted Training Programme

800 participated in the study that was focused on particular training sessions on mental speed and concentration, perception of one’s own competence, self-efficacy, and stress management. The training programme was based on varied sessions including physical activation, cognitive exercises, skills development, stress management and relaxation.  Co-author Dr. Udo Käser explains: 

“We wanted to find out what effects the cognitive training, the skills training or the stress management training each had on their own.”

Cognitive effects were obtained by all single-component trainings. The results also support the theory that learning environments for employees aged 50+ should be designed specifically for this target group. Since ageing individuals do not necessarily learn less effectively, but rather differently than younger people. Another indication of the positive impact of the Bonn University training programme for 50+ professionals is that a survey after participation showed that over 97 percent of participants would recommend the training to others.

Co-author and Professor Una Röhr-Sendlmeier concludes:

“Professionals over 50 gain quality of life, and companies gain the opportunity to offer these professionals a perspective for longer.” 

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