Know the Top-Rated Mobile UI-UX Trends Go Popular in 2022

Know the Top-Rated Mobile UI-UX Trends Go Popular in 2022

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Are you thinking of enhancing the accessibility of your mobile application or like to create one for the target audience? If yes, then you should be aware of the mobile app UI-UX design trends that will skyrocket in 2022. It’s 2022 which is another year to create your brand’s success story in a new and optimized way. Just like every single year, 2022 also brings you a great deal of opportunities to stay ahead of the competition. Specifically, in terms of creating an engaging, interactive, and attention mobile app user experience, we have enlisted the top mobile UI-UX trends.

Know The Top-Rated Mobile Ui-Ux Trends Go Popular In 2022

Here, in this blog, we will share some of the incredible user-interface trends that will enhance the overall user experience and increase the ROI of your business.   So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on the same.

Top 10 Mobile App UI-UX Design Tips to Adopt

See the New Success Ahead Refer to the best and working UI and UX design trends for your business app.

UX Mobile Trends

*Personalized Experience: 2022 will be the year of improved personalization on the parts of brands to deliver what their customers desire. In collaboration with the new age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, brands can create a tailored UX based on their past experience, search pattern, and preferences to find the right product/service in an instant.

* Voice Interaction: Like voice-enabled devices like Alexa, Amazon’s Bixby, and various others, it will be a growing trend to bring in voice assistant search features in mobile apps to improve the user experience. The voice-powered applications will deliver fast results, solve instant queries, and provide more feasible options.

*Password Less Login: In 2022, there will be an enhanced trend of password fewer apps to safeguard the user’s time to log in every now and then. It will be useful for frequently opening applications. By using Fingerprint recognition, face recognition, or even OTD login credentials will open the app quickly.

*Buttonless Design Liquid Swipe: In order to meet the design requirements of buttonless devices prevailing these days, mobile app development company experts will implement full-screen app design that must fit the overall stature and further provides liquid swipe functionality.

*Bottom Navigation 2.0: Use the bottom display space of smartphones for swiping pattern functionalities. On an app itself, it will be convenient for users to swipe at the bottom while moving to the next page.

Mobile UI Trends

*Rounded Corners: It is going to be the next best mobile app UI design trend to witness in 2022. The rounded corners screens of the application will engage the attention of the user and provide a refreshing and artistic appeal to their eyes.

*Dark Theme: It is a low-light UI to be implemented on your mobile app and serve a dual purpose. First, it saves the battery of the user’s device by accessing the app in low light and secondly, put less strain on the eyes of user’s and allow them to utilize the app for a long time.

*Engaging Illustrations: In this new year, design elements of the mobile app will become more emotional and attractive in terms of using illustrations and animation. It will create a kind of short storyline to engage the attention of mobile app users at a glance.

*Designer Content: On your mobile app, the content will no longer be a textual asset, it will become more in 2022. It will be more functional, animatic and meaningful to attract and improve UX patterns as well.

*Designs for Disabled: It will be imperative to initiate mobile app design elements according to disabled users only. Those who are permanently disabled or temporary not able to access the mobile app should have listening animation, vibration, and other sense powered design elements.

Final Note on Mobile UI-UX trends

Follow the new and result-oriented app UI/UX trends from OrangeMantra this year to stay ahead of the competition and enhance your target audience. To attain such results, hire mobile app developer who under the significance of each trend and help you implement the same completely.


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