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Several leading designers predict on FastCoDesign.com the trends of branding during 2017. The most ground-breaking transformation is that the conventional wisdom that brands should not talk politics is making a u-turn to that it actually should include political activism. After Trump and Brexit and other disruptions of the direction that the world generally is turning, towards involvement, humanism and interdependence/connection, brands will take a political stand since this is actually what occupy people’s mind. This brand strategy could alienate some potential customers, but it will at the same time build trust and loyalty in the mind of others, especially since it open new opportunities to do good. Like when Airbnb offer free housing for refugees and Starbucks promise to hire 10 000 refugees are this only two of a myriad of different forms of politically triggered activism of brands that is boosting the trend of the u-turn of brand strategy. They are actually taking the responsibility when politicians too often refuse to lead, to stand up for human rights and humanism in general, which is a great growing ground for a brand. Another trend that are identified, that to some extent relates to the former, is the rise of artificial intelligence with great potential to analyse a brand’s ethics in detail. Read the full story on Source: FastCoDesign