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Building a humanities science lab

Building a humanities science labeLearningworld News from Indiana UniversityBuilding a humanities science lab

In a natural science, a lab is a common part of the education to experiment, explore, calculate, ask and answer questions in a trial and error mode. But in the humanities sciences, this form of learning by doing pedagogy is very rare. Since before the breakthrough of digital technologies the humanities science “lab” was generally the library. Now in the digital age, a great example of taking advantage of the new possibilities are the Experimental Humanities Lab at Indiana University. The lab’s project-based learning with focuses on to ask questions, observe, question our world, experiment and gather data. Fritz Breithaupt, professor of Germanic studies and an affiliated professor of cognitive science explains: “Through the lens of this new playground/lab, I have come to re-evaluate my beliefs about humanities education. There is something missing. Call it the fun factor. It is the excitement that students have when leaving a meeting or class eager to try things out and do something.” Read the full story written by professor Breithuapt on Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

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