To Empower Your Performance by making it a self-fulfilling Prophesy

To Empower Your Performance by making it a self-fulfilling Prophesy

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To Empower Your Performance By Making It A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

New research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of California on how to empower your performance takes a mindful approach. The research team has looked into the possibilities to cause positive changes in cognitive functions by manipulating expectations. The study is focusing on long-term behavioural training where 193 people was divided into two groups. The first group was told that cognitive training would help them perform better, and the other got information that the training would not help. The results show that:

“Consistent with previous work, a main effect of the training condition was found, with individuals trained on the working memory task showing larger gains in cognitive function than those trained on the control task. Interestingly, a main effect of expectation was also found, with individuals given positive expectations showing larger cognitive gains than those who were given negative expectations (regardless of training condition).”

Empower Your Performance – conclusion

Other studies have shown that personality also have impact on the prospects to empower your performance. Another reflection is that the study gives new fuel to the discussion of computerized cognitive training. To conclude, the keywords for an environment to empower your performance is boosting the expectations, increase general motivation, focus on working memory tasks not controlled tasks. 

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