Research to design healthy workplaces

How to optimize the design of a workplace to create a healthy work environment? A team from the University of Arizona Institute on Place and Wellbeing (UAIPW) in collaboration with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) performed the research. They used real-time wearable human health sensors and real-time environmental sensors to monitor federal workers’ in a multi-year study. The purpose was to optimize and design healthy workplaces. Design healthy workplaces The sensors monitored heart activity,… Continue reading

Setting the Organisation in a Design Thinking and Learning Mood

The Learning Organisation and Design Thinking are two terms that are drivers of the Culture of Modern Organisations. This is a personalised and at the same time collaborative environment that boosts creativity and the general performance.  The general competence that is required to be successful is craftsmanship. Since the box that characterised the former century now is replaced with increasing complexity and openness. The open source movement works as a great role model for such… Continue reading

Latest News: Workplace environment’s impact on your brain’s functionality

eLearningworld News from US New research from Florida University shows that the working environment can have long-term impact on employees’ performance. Both lack of stimulation and if the workplace is unclean has negative effects. The research is based on data from 4963 adults in the ages 32 to 84 from the 48 contiguous states with 47 percent male and 53 percent female. The study was published in June issue of the Journal of Occupational and… Continue reading

Latest News: 15 000 registered Teachers to study Evaluation and Grading

eLearningworld News from Sweden Karlstad University is running two MOOCs on evaluation and grading of pupils performance in school. The courses aim to give teachers knowledge and possibility to reflect around how they are using the curriculum as a base for planning, implementing and evaluation. At the same time the participants are giving tools to summarize pupils’ knowledge to a final grade in a reliable way. Because of the significant interest about the courses will… Continue reading