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21st Century School – purpose, worldview and direction

The Industrial Age was almost all about mass-production, mass-marketing and assembly line-like production and distribution of products. The school system worked in the same way, meaning as a formative process to produce knowledgeable workers and good citizens of the nation. This was an environment that was characterised by uniformity, while individual talent, creativity and entrepreneurship were not rewarded. From mass to digital However, what if you remove mass and add digital instead? As we will… Continue reading

Create a Medici-effect with knowledge management

What would you prefer, to investing in a Knowledge Management System or Crisis Management? Since when Factor X strikes the organisation either is prepared with the right knowledge or otherwise a crisis is waiting around the corner. Four foundational components The foundation of the knowledge management system that is described in the book is characterised by openness and diversity for distribution, learning and development on the platform. Because all relevant knowledge should be available for… Continue reading

Latest News: Trending – Design Thinking brings empathy and flexibility to work  

eLearningworld News from US Design finding its way to the core of business organizations as a source of transformation, but the development does not concern aesthetics. Instead, it changes the way people work as response to new market realities and the force of digitization. Jon Kolko, founder and director of Austin Center for Design, explains in Harvard Business Review the progressive outcome of design thinking. Empathy is one of the main driving-forces of design thinking… Continue reading

Latest News: Human intuition beats AI in games, new research from Aahus University

eLearningworld News from Denmark Research, which recently was published in Nature from Aahus University, shows that Artificial Intelligence is slow to solve problems in comparison with humans. Both because it comes up with too many solutions and also trying to make the solution too perfect. Humans has with this in mind a benefit to outperform computers when it comes to speed and efficiency in problem solving e.g. in games, namely, by using intuition. Jacob Friis… Continue reading

Latest News: New research on the benefits with Mobile Learning

eLearningworld News from the Science World New research from the Brookings Institution about using mobile devices and wireless technology for learning shows that it is perhaps the most powerful driving-force to transform and develop school education. As the author of the report Darrell M. West, vice President and founding director at Brookings Center for Technology Innovation writes: “Yet despite the emergence of digital learning, most countries still design their educational systems for agrarian and industrial… Continue reading

Latest News: Nationwide School Coding Competition with Raspberry Pi

eLearningworld News from Lebanon The $35-micro-computer Raspberry Pi will be delivered for free to more than 30 schools across Lebanon. This is the first step in a nationwide coding competition between both private and public schools that has selected teams with 3-5 members for the competition. The projects will be guided by teachers in the schools and the teachers will receive free continual face-to-face training from experts in Lebanon and the Cambridge Code Academy, UK.… Continue reading

Latest News: Integrating Art into Classroom Learning

eLearningworld News from UK and US The creative industries play a vital role in upholding cultural and economic health. In UK the sector is employing 1.7 million people and adding £77 billion to the UK economy in 2013. In addition it is creating growth and jobs in many other industries too. In a speech, October 15, the UK Schools Minister Nick Gibb welcomed an initiative to further increase cultural education in UK schools. He claimed… Continue reading

Latest News: Analysis shows Prospects of Innovation in Public Administration

eLearningworld News from Denmark New research from the Danish Centre of Public Innovation shows the connection between the amount of innovation in different units of the public administration and the employees’ level of education. The result shows that the larger amount of employees with high education the better prospect of innovation. One conclusion from this result is that employees with high level of education are educated to analyse including to analyse if something can be… Continue reading

Latest News: Creativity and Fun is new driving-forces in the new curriculum

eLearningworld News from Finland The new curriculum for pre-school and primary school in Finland will be implemented during the year of 2016. The pedagogical news is that the pupils should have a more active approach to learning than before. The other profound change is that the collaboration over the fields of subjects’ borders should increase. This will mean less traditional classroom teaching and more work in creative groups. Source: YLE Continue reading

Latest News: Students from three universities in a project with business

eLearningworld News from Sweden The yearly TED-challenge is gathering students from JIBS (Jönköping International Business School), KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and Linné University. The task is to form collaborations in ten teams between economists, engineers and designers, in order to complete an assignment of product development from an existing business. The challenge is to get students from different fields to work together with feedback from the business-people to create a functioning prototype. This will… Continue reading