Interactive Marketing at the right time and space

Interactive Marketing at the right time and space

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The power of a story can be limitless. In the digital era, this method from Ancient times also reinvented the main communication channel from this age, namely word-of-mouth, now it can be termed interactive marketing. Today this does not necessarily mean one-to-one communication that spreads through a closed local network; instead millions could be ready to engage in the right individual moment in time.

Interactive Marketing At The Right Time And Space


To use Google’s terminology what you looking for as a digital marketer or really as a marketer in general in the digital age is peoples’ micro-moments. These are the spaces in life when you are ready to get engaged in order to fulfil a need and are open to making it happen. Google identifies four such categories of micro-moments: I-want-to-Know Moments, I-want-to-Go Moments, I-want-to-Do Moments and I-want-to-Buy Moments. The common tool to manage these moments in the digital age is usually a smartphone or any other device that gives access to the web. Since this is where the purchase journey often starts nowadays in a mood of curiosity and research. This new purchase-travelling-companion is also what makes content king.

Interactive Marketing

Great then, but how can you meet people in these precious micro-moments when purchase decisions are taking place? Interactive and engaging content is the simple answer. This means that catchy buy-my-product-messages from the 20th-Century-mass-market-era are not recommended. Instead, the focus should be set on engaging stories published in an engaging design and environments that not only help make the decision but also hopefully make purchase-traveller tell about the experience.

The Flirt

So far, so good, time to reach out to the micro-moments of want to know, go, do and buy. Then it is time to flirt both with peoples’ IQ (rational intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence) with interactive storytelling that engages peoples’ minds. Since if it makes sense and attracts emotions that besides purchase, it can also trigger word-of-mouth in the form of sharing, likes, comments etc. At the same time as it flirts with search engines of different kinds and improves the position. The outcome will create a new story of success. We can help you on this journey with our market services, click to start to collaborate with us …

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