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Latest News: Nationwide School Coding Competition with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

eLearningworld News from Lebanon

The $35-micro-computer Raspberry Pi will be delivered for free to more than 30 schools across Lebanon. This is the first step in a nationwide coding competition between both private and public schools that has selected teams with 3-5 members for the competition. The projects will be guided by teachers in the schools and the teachers will receive free continual face-to-face training from experts in Lebanon and the Cambridge Code Academy, UK. For the first time ever in Lebanon, children will have the opportunity to get creative and find solutions to impact Lebanon’s environment, health, education, agriculture or any other sector that interests them. The competition is run by Lebanon Ministry of Education in collaboration with UK Lebanon Tech Hub and the International Educational Association. The winning teams will each receive $1000. Source: UK Lebanon Tech Hub

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