The essence of successful entrepreneurship according to Eric Schmidt

On 27th November 2018, Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and Alphabet executive chairman delivered the Centre for Entrepreneurs Annual Lecture. An event that developed into a guide to successful entrepreneurship. In defining an entrepreneur he said if somebody asked him: “I’m doing this what do you think?” This is according to Eric Schmidt a sign of a bad entrepreneur, but if the entrepreneur instead said: “I’m doing this. If you have time I will explain to… Continue reading

Create a Medici-effect with knowledge management

What would you prefer, to investing in a Knowledge Management System or Crisis Management? Since when Factor X strikes the organisation either is prepared with the right knowledge or otherwise a crisis is waiting around the corner. Four foundational components The foundation of the knowledge management system that is described in the book is characterised by openness and diversity for distribution, learning and development on the platform. Because all relevant knowledge should be available for… Continue reading

Latest News: Obstacles for a Learning Organisation

eLearningworld News from US To stay competitive as a business (and as an individual) you have to continually learn. However, an organisation can invest heavily in traditional courses as well as more agile learning, but there is still several obstacles and requirements to be able to receive the accurate return of investment. In an article in Harvard Business Review, Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School, and Bradley Staats, associate professor at the University of… Continue reading

Latest News: Gamification reaching a new level in the coming years

eLearningworld News from the World In a new global forecast the gamification market is expected to grow from $1.65 billion in 2015 to $11.10 billion by 2020. The speedy growth of social media is driving the gamification market as well as the BYOD, bring your own device-development, among businesses. Another aspect is that gamification mechanisms are well-equipped to bring added value both for employees and customers. It is especially effective for marketing, sales and brand… Continue reading

Latest News: Trending – Companies using Machine Learning to become more effective

eLearningworld News from US What would speeding up business processes with up to ten times the speed you have today do for your company? H. James Wilson, Sharad Sachdev och Allan Alter, executives of Accenture writes in Harvard Business Review that machine learning with such capacity now finding its way into business organisations. The executives explain in the following way: “Our study found that organizations are using machine-reengineering to establish new forms of human-machine collaboration… Continue reading

Latest News: Building bridges between Young Entrepreneurs with Knowledge Worldwide

eLearningworld News from Norway 25 young entrepreneurs from all over the world has been invited to Telenor Youth Forum 2015. The selected participants has two characteristics in common, they was born in the digital age and has come up with untraditional and innovative digital solutions on new or existing problems in society. The group consists of 14 woman and 11 men in the age of 18-28 from e.g. Myanmar, Serbia and Malaysia. The theme of… Continue reading