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To stay competitive as a business (and as an individual) you have to continually learn. However, an organisation can invest heavily in traditional courses as well as more agile learning, but there is still several obstacles and requirements to be able to receive the accurate return of investment. In an article in Harvard Business Review, Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School, and Bradley Staats, associate professor at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School identifies obstacles for an effective learning organisation. The environment that is required to get an accurate ROI is openess; meaning openess to learning as a driver for change. Some of the challenges to overcome are the psychological errors of failure. Since organisations develop new capabilities from failure. Another are to get out of a fixed mindset in order to break new ground. The organisation has to put new knowledge and skills when acquired into action. Read the excellent article here on Harvard Business Review. Source: Harvard Business Review