The essence of successful entrepreneurship according to Eric Schmidt

The essence of successful entrepreneurship according to Eric Schmidt

The Essence Of Successful Entrepreneurship According To Eric SchmidtOn 27th November 2018, Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and Alphabet Read It On Applenews Badge Rgb Us Ukexecutive chairman delivered the Centre for Entrepreneurs Annual Lecture. An event that developed into a guide to successful entrepreneurship. In defining an entrepreneur he said if somebody asked him: “I’m doing this what do you think?” This is according to Eric Schmidt a sign of a bad entrepreneur, but if the entrepreneur instead said: “I’m doing this. If you have time I will explain to you why I’m right.” This is a great starting point since an entrepreneur does not generally deliver the question her task is to bring the answers, the solutions.

In this line of thinking, stories of successful entrepreneurs rarely follow a “normal” path. Instead, they are driven by passion and knowing what they want, and they build teams characterized by multiple skills, diversity, inclusion, and openness. Another vision Eric Schmidt introduced in his speech was that future entrepreneurship is not product-centered. But instead, it is built out of a network-based platform. See the full lecture below. Source:  Centre for Entrepreneurs 


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