LifeLong Learning spots as the main meeting-place in future Cities

In a fast-changing world learning and re-learning is the engine to develop both personally and professionally. Since this is an environment where social, economic and political norms are constantly being challenged and redefined. In this spirit, UNESCO started the initiative Learning Cities to support the transformation of the local societies into citizens as lifelong learners.

Meeting-place in future Cities

The member-cities within Learning Cities-network are from all over the world. Where six basic points form the foundation for their work:

1. Inclusive learning in the educational system,
2. Revitalising learning in families and communities,
3. Active learning for and on workplaces,
4. Improve quality and competence in learning
5. Develop the use of learning technologies,
6. Form a dynamic learning culture for the whole life.

Any administrative unit with a minimum of 10,000 inhabitants that is governed by a city council or another form of elected body can become a member of the UNESCO-network Learning Cities.

UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC), see the presentation below

Source: UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities