Tag: <span>knowledge society</span>

Tag: knowledge society

Making citizen science a natural method of research

“We want to build a self-evident and everyday contact between science and citizens why we encourage with the current promotion of research institutions and researchers to establish lasting models of collaboration – because only a continuous cooperation with the citizens for a longer period creates optimum conditions for mutual learning …

LifeLong Learning spots as the main meeting-place in future Cities

In a fast-changing world learning and re-learning is the engine to develop both personally and professionally. Since this is an environment where social, economic and political norms are constantly being challenged and redefined. In this spirit, UNESCO started the initiative Learning Cities to support the transformation of the local societies …

Latest News: Education-level in European Cities, No1 is?

eLearningworld News from the EU The post-industrial society has often been termed the knowledge-based society, from Eurostat has published statistics that shows the level of education in European cities. The winner with the highest degree of concentration of graduates is by far London. BBC concluding with a question: Is London going …

How to fight ignorance about the world

People do worse than chimps on a simple multiple-choice-test On three simple questions about the global development all groups of people tested did worse than chimps. In the very interesting TedTalk below Professor Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling discuss the role of media and the role of outdated education as well as personal bias as causes of ignorance and how to fight it. [ted id=2090]