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Latest News: The benefits of flipping STEM Education

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Flipping the classroom for STEM education solves several problems that exist with traditional pedagogy for STEM. Stephanie Butler Velegol, instructor at Penn State College of Engineering explains: “It’s difficult for an engineering student to extract the technical information from a book on their own. Students need to hear the problem-solving out loud; they need to hear the way the professor works through the solution to the problem.” This is where instructional video-lectures by the Professor works as a great starting-point to learn with the possibility to review as many time as the student like and at the same time not taking up valuable classroom-time. Instead this time is used for deepening discussions and to refine understanding. Traditional STEM education with an instructional classroom presentation of the subject is proven to not engage students or fire up the interest, on the contrary. The students want to think for themselves first, which comprehend with the flipped pedagogy perfectly. Velegol that flipped her own classroom in 2010 and never looked back, says: “The goal is to increase active learning, which has been shown to have a strong impact on student performance,” Source: Science Daily

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