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New STEM educations adapted to the Digital Society

The Ministry of Education and Science in Denmark has approved several new STEM programmes for higher education (STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) directed on becoming a bridge of the challenges of the Digital Society and the future labour market. The educations include everything from Machine Learning education in Copenhagen to an interdisciplinary course on IT and economy in Odense and software development in Skive. The Minister of Education and Science, Tommy Ahlers, comments… Continue reading

Open Creativity – Building a Public Makerspace

eLearningworld News Learning by doing in creative work is the spirit of the digital age, and it in this spirit the Ashland Innovation Center opened last month. The center is equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers and other high-tech tools, and are at moment open to high school students in all Ashland’s schools, but the goal is to open it to the whole Ashland Community. Besides access to the makerspace tools the center offers workshops… Continue reading

Latest News: The benefits of flipping STEM Education

eLearningworld News from US Flipping the classroom for STEM education solves several problems that exist with traditional pedagogy for STEM. Stephanie Butler Velegol, instructor at Penn State College of Engineering explains: “It’s difficult for an engineering student to extract the technical information from a book on their own. Students need to hear the problem-solving out loud; they need to hear the way the professor works through the solution to the problem.” This is where instructional… Continue reading

Latest News: Norway investing in regional centres for refinement of STEM-talent

eLearningworld News from Norway In the autumn 2016 talent centres in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø opens. The purpose is to offer a creative and motivating environment for high-performance pupils within STEM from late primary school and early secondary school. The inspiration to these centres comes from Denmark and its Science Talenter at the Sorø Akademi that has showed good results where the adaption of teaching level to the high performance pupils is the key… Continue reading