Government investing in refining talent in school and university

Government investing in refining talent in school and university

Government Investing In Refining Talent In School And UniversityThe Danish government set to focus on the most talented pupils and students by directing funding to refine and develop their talent. The projects concern the whole formal educational system including primary school, secondary school and higher education. For the primary- and secondary school a national talent unit will be established, a digital talent forum. To develop the top pupil’s talent from a scientific foundation and international cooperation. The general purpose is to secure systematic and coordinated access to identify and stimulate the top pupil’s development. The project will receive funding of totally €8.7 million over four years.

For higher education, the Danish government is investing €25.5 million in talent development. The target group are the 2% top students within all fields and forms of higher education. Tommy Ahlers, Minister of Education and Science, explains the program in the following way:

“The intention with the program is that all higher educations in the future will work to develop talent. So that there are opportunities for top students over the whole country and in all educations. My ambition with the talent program is to give the best students the possibility to reach their full potential, and to make it more attractive for them to remain in Denmark to study.”

Source: Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education and Science 


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