Evolutionary Transformation: Keywords in a new Edtech trends report

Evolutionary Transformation: Keywords in a new Edtech trends report

Evolutionary Transformation: Keywords In A New Edtech Trends ReportListen to the story


A new Edtech trends report from the trade association Swedish Edtech Industry shows that the pandemic has had a transformative impact. While the sector in general at the same time is about to leave the pioneer years. The pandemic has also directed the attention on the necessity to upgrade and modernize IT-systems. But also to correct imbalances in the digitization of education.

”Earlier digitization investments have created an imbalance between hardware and content since too many resources have been directed on new computers without any vision of how they should be used in education.”

From the Edtech trends report

This should be seen in the light of that before the pandemic it is estimated that only 20 percent of the students had access to digital learning content. While now content based on learning technologies is developing rapidly. But this trend is starting from a very low level, but it could be seen as the true beginning of the digitization of school on all levels. In this spirit, edtech innovation also is accelerating. While there still are deficits when it comes to digital competence among teachers.

Edtech trends: Vocational training and Lifelong learning

The pandemic has left whole sectors on the labour market in vain. The demand for further education in the form of digital learning has never been greater. This is probably the most powerful driver of edtech solutions at the moment. Especially if you add it to the more general lifelong learning.

“Lifelong learning is boosting demand. Everybody needs flexible solutions.”

From the Edtech trends report

The report also refers to a research study by Edsurge that shows that the future development after the pandemic will focus on adaptivity, gamification, self-instructing exercises as well as services to improve collaboration and communication online.

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