LifeLong Learning on the Agenda when Government starts nationwide tour

eLearningworld News The working life’s transformation driven by AI, robotics and other digital technologies is speeding up. In this spirit, the Norwegian Minister of Knowledge and Integration, Tore Sanner, is going on a competence tour around Norway. The purpose is to get new insights of the consequences of the transformation to a new reform for vocational training and lifelong learning that is adapted to the digital society’s prerequisites. Tore Sanner explains: “We will have a… Continue reading

Developing education for the Digital Age in Norway and Germany

LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY  > PART5 > NEW SECTION JUNE 28 2018 The foundation of the educational system has not changed much since 19th Century. It was created for the industrial society’s labour division policy and hierarchical stairway model. In the developing digital society, the context of the industrial society is to a large extent turned upside down, which calls for new policies and upgraded content for the educational system. This is something that… Continue reading

Talent Management building bridges to the working life in Germany

eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launches two new projects to promote education for young people in small and micro enterprises and a competition of digital talent open for all students. The first is a part of the training structure program JOBSTARTER plus where the BMBF will provide around 7.6 million euros of its own funds as well as funds from the European Social Fund. Besides providing in-company training, it… Continue reading

Latest News: LifeLong Learning – Proposal for Mandatory Education for Adults

eLearningworld News from Nordic Countries The former Danish European Union Commissioner Poul Nielson writes the following on behalf of the Nordic Council: “The Nordic governments should commit to the principle of introducing mandatory adult and continuing training for everybody in the labour markets in the Nordic region and, together with the social partners, should decide to implement experimental activities via joint pilot projects as described here in the two basic models for implementation of the… Continue reading

Latest News: Top Education Nation to export Vocational Training degrees

eLearningworld News from Finland The quality of Finland’s educational system is admired all over the world. Now the Finnish Government is preparing a new law that makes it possible to export vocational training services including degrees. The focus is to export the flexible independent graduation method where students can graduate from the basis of their former work experience. However, most students participate in preparation courses before the final examination. The concept includes both basic- and… Continue reading

Latest News: Digital Literacy and Innovation in Vocational Education

eLearningworld News from Germany Digitalisation of education is increasingly speeding up in Germany where a special focus in the over all creative environment is directed on vocational education. “Digital media in VET”-project is funded the German Ministry of Education and the European Social Fund (ESF) where digital media is recaptured to have immense potential in training with new forms of collaboration, effective ways of imparting the teaching and learning content. “Learning in the digital world… Continue reading

Latest News: Germany and Portugal expand Cooperation on Vocational Training

eLearningworld News from Portugal and Germany An important part of the German-Portuguese cooperation in vocational training that was launched in 2012 is to explore which parts of the dual training system might be applicable for Portugal. The key is to distribute educational pathways that are workable for young people, the labour market’s requirements and the society as a whole.  The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding e.g. the project VETnet at the… Continue reading

Latest News: Digitalisation to improve quality in Vocational Training

eLearningworld News from Denmark The Ministry of Education in Denmark is launching a new strategy for vocational training in order to improve quality and make better use of available resources. The main engine in the new strategy is to bridge students’ learning-process in the classroom and the workplace (where the student make the practice) with ICT. This will also create more experience-exchange between the educational organisation and the workplaces that are involved in the programme.… Continue reading