National Digital Educational Platform is on the way

National Digital Educational Platform is on the way

National Digital Educational Platform Is On The Way

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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is initiating a new project of €150 million for the development of prototypes for the new national digital educational platform, curricula, and didactic concepts. This is the first step towards a national hub for lifelong learning, and an initiative that has great prospects of becoming a role model for Europe. Since this kind of digital infrastructure works best when it is managed and owned by the public administration. Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek explains:

“Today I gave the go-ahead for setting up a national education platform. The platform is the core of a new digital education space for Germany and modernization of education as a whole. As the federal government, we want everyone – from schoolchildren to pensioners – to have improving access to digitally supported educational offers.”

Basics of the new national digital educational platform

The initiative is being launched as a solution to the challenges that education has experienced in the shadow of the Corona pandemic. And at the same time works to modernize lifelong learning to better adapted to the digital society’s requirements. Where the goals are to link existing and new digital education platforms to a nationwide and European connectable platform system. The Ministry of Education wants the National Education Platform to create an infrastructure through which digitally supported educational content can be accessed and networked as widely as possible.

The central aim is to open up individual educational pathways for learners, which are not limited to one educational institution or an educational stage, but support the entire educational career. This includes:

  • Teachers to have good digital teaching material and appropriate pedagogical support.
  • Learners to have individual access to suitable teaching/learning scenarios.
  • To be able to store your educational certificates – i.e. certificates and diplomas – in encrypted form, with easy access for the learner.
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