Development of 6G and Industry 4.0 ten years anniversary

Development of 6G and Industry 4.0 ten years anniversary

Development Of 6G And Industry 4.0 Ten Years AnniversaryListen to the story


Ten years ago, the term Industry 4.0 was born in Germany, researchers have now looked into the status of the development in order to set the strategic goals for the coming years. This further leads to the development of 6G technology.

The conclusion is that the Industrie 4.0 platform should rapidly advance the international data space for Industry 4.0 applications. The platform is a central network in Germany for promoting digital transformation in production. With over 350 actors from more than 150 active organizations, which also has turned into a brand – “Made in Germany”. At the anniversary meeting, the German State Secretary Ulrich Nussbaum said the following:

“We must now consistently take the path to a digitized and data-driven economy. For this, we must bring the innovation potential of Germany and Europe onto the streets. (…) we will create a state-of-the-art, high-performance, real-time cloud-edge infrastructure that will open up completely new opportunities for the industry. In the funding program Future Investments for the Vehicle Industry, we will also invest up to 1.5 billion euros to roll out by the end of 2024.”

Industry 4.0 shows what can be achieved when politics, research, business practice, and social partnerships work together in a spirit of trust.

Development of 6G

In this spirit, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is starting the first German research initiative on 6G technology including funding of €700 million. As the development of 6G is expected to succeed 5G technology in communication networks from around 2030. The aim of the first funding measure is to create the basis for an innovation ecosystem for future communication technologies around 6G. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek explains:

“With 4G, we had wireless broadband internet for the first time and simpler machine applications to become available. 5G is already setting important standards here and will take digital networking to the next level. 6G, however, will be the mobile data technology of the future and will determine and even revolutionize our communication in the next decade. With 6G, data will be transmitted more than 100 times faster than with 5G – with great advantages for the mobile communication of every single person. But also, for our industry and agriculture. If you want to develop all potential here, you cannot avoid 6G.”

Augmented reality is one of the fields that will be taking a major leap with the launch of 6G. As it has the potential of bringing real and virtual worlds even closer together. In a so-called extended reality, holograms – for example, people in 3D – can be streamed and projected in high resolution and in real-time on mobile devices or in rooms.  In this way, real interactions are simulated, regardless of where the participants are – whether at home in the country, in the office in the big city, or on the move in the train, plane, or self-driving car.

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