Turning the Classroom from lecturing to teaching

Turning the Classroom from lecturing to teaching

Turning The Classroom From Lecturing To TeachingIn a traditional classroom, research shows that a lecture goes at the right Omvandlar Klassrummet Från Katederpedagogik Till Individualiserad Undervisningspeed for only 20% of the students, for 40% it goes too fast and for 40% it goes too slow. You can image the teacher standing in front of the class and convulsively holds on to the master’s desk, while he using 80-90% of the time to present the content. Then the students are sent home with the task to understand what has been said on the lesson often with help from parents or others that do not have knowledge about the subject. But what happens if we turn all this upside-down?

The flipped classroom – from lecturing to teaching

The Flipped Classroom is about to grow into a global mass-movement within pedagogy. Instead of the deeply ineffective master-desk-holding pedagogy that only is adapted for a minority in a classroom, the flipped classroom has the potential of 100% adaption.

A lesson begins with a task where the teacher has prepared a video clip with a presentation of the content of the lesson that the students view at home, meaning away from the distractions of the classroom. In order to achieve the best possible effect, the teacher can add interactive exercises to the video-presentation about the content. In the result management module, the teacher then can get an overview of the areas of difficulty. And then put her effort on these areas during the lesson in the classroom.

Personalised teaching

However, with this flipped pedagogy the teacher can use most of the lesson-time to individually help and educate. Since the students work with the tasks that they in the traditional classroom have to do as homework. During the lesson, the students work with problem-solving. With the aim to obtain understanding about the subject-area that the lesson concern.

Effects of this are increased engagement from the students because of more individual contact between teacher and student. Those who were absent from the lesson do not miss anything. Since the video-presentation is available and the teacher can help if necessary during the next lesson. All students can thereby learn after their own prerequisites. While the teacher can mainly use the lesson-time for true quality-education instead of presentations in the classroom.

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