Publishing 4.0 trends on a new playground

Researchers from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg have developed ten proposals to provide publishers with inspiration to concepts for new business models. “The key element of publishing 4.0 is the customer-driven approach,” Jörn Fahsel, said, he is a doctoral candidate at Institute of Book Studies (E-publishing and Digital Markets) and a member of the research team behind the study. The analysis of the publishing 4.0 trends is based on a survey with newspaper- and scientific publishers as… Continue reading

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age The job market is changing rapidly. But too many politicians still are promoting and sometimes make decisions on subsidies to professions from the 20th Century that is about to disappear. At the same time as they defend labour-market regulations that today only is holding people back. In a Harvard Business Review report the president of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, outlines a new labour market that is growing… Continue reading

5G connects a Landscape of Opportunities

5G connects a Landscape of Opportunities The fifth generation of mobile communications now is rolling out in some parts of the world like the US and eastern Asia. It brings with it smarter cities, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality applications and much more. At the same time as it will transform almost every industry available today. Furthermore, it forms the growing ground to new business sectors and business models. As the consumer increasingly will be even… Continue reading

Making Blockchain a European Affair

Social-, educational- and economic transactions with no need for a middleman make blockchain sound like a well-adapted technology for Europe. In this spirit, the Blockchain Observatory and Forum were launched last week by the European Commission. Initially, it was created as a European Parliament pilot project that was proposed by MEP Jakob von Weizsacker. Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip commented the launch in the following way: “We want to build on Europe’s… Continue reading

Latest News: Three drivers of the Internet of things in the coming years

eLearningworld News from the World According to Ericsson’s Mobility Report the forecast between 2015 and 2021, Internet of Things is expected to increase at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent, making up close to 16 billion of the total forecast 28 billion connected devices by 2021. This is an extraordinary growth, but which services/technology then will be the main drivers of this development. We identified three drivers: Today, stand alone intelligent things like… Continue reading

Latest News: Trending – Design Thinking brings empathy and flexibility to work

eLearningworld News from US Design finding its way to the core of business organizations as a source of transformation, but the development does not concern aesthetics. Instead, it changes the way people work as response to new market realities and the force of digitization. Jon Kolko, founder and director of Austin Center for Design, explains in Harvard Business Review the progressive outcome of design thinking. Empathy is one of the main driving-forces of design thinking… Continue reading

Latest News: Corporate eLearning World Market worth €28,5 Billion by 2020

eLearningworld News from Global According to a new market research report from Technavio corporate eLearning World market is predicted to reach close to €28,5 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. This means a growth of 11% by 2020. “The corporate e-learning market is mainly driven by the rise in digitization and the adoption of advanced technologies in the corporate sector. Incorporation of new technologies help improve teaching and learning methods, while enhancing the… Continue reading

Latest News: Competition to outline the best research-concept for an Internet Institute

eLearningworld News from Germany Digitalization and the Internet are transforming our lives in a profound way. As the society is getting digital science, research and development is facing new challenges. With this background the German Government is now launching a competition to find the best concept for a new Internet Institute. Basically it will be directed on research of societal transformation that is the outcome of digitalization. During the coming five years after the launch… Continue reading

Latest News: Report on how Online Learning transforming Higher Education

eLearningworld News from Sweden and USA In a report from the independent Research Institute, Ratio that is based in Stockholm, the researchers goes beyond MOOCs to find which additional parts the general digitalisation trend of higher education consist of. The conclusions include that the digitalisation will produce a massive transformation of the universities’ organisation as well as their offer to the students. The report is a field-study of successful online-universities in the US and shows… Continue reading