France empower the digital strategy for education

France empower the digital strategy for education

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The French government is upgrading its digital strategy for education. This, after it, since March 2022 has involved all stakeholders in education including the State, its operators, local authorities, publishers and EdTechs, and associations to strategically reflect on digital technology for education. This with focus directed on how to best deepen and enrich the recent proposals for the digital tool box. The outcome is now here and includes a four points strategy for 2023-2027.

France Empower The Digital Strategy For Education

Four points of how to improve the digital strategy for education

  1. Empower national and local cooperation between education stakeholders , around educational projects mobilising digital technology where it is relevant.
  2. Empower students’ digital skills, including teaching them digital citizenship, developing critical thinking and strengthening media and information literacy. And in the next step provide them with a foundation of activating digital skills. And finally, promote the attractiveness of specialties and baccalaureates leading to digital professions.
  3. Empower teachers to combine digital tools and resources to put digital technology more at the service of student success. 
  4. Empower the robustness, security, accessibility, quality and eco-responsibility of the ministry’s IT tools, to simplify the work of agents and thus increase the quality of the service provided.

To be able to meet these challenges a committed ecosystem is required in a time when digital transformation changes the foundation of all sectors of the economy. And where education should be preparing the students for professions that now are being transformed by digitisation or do not even exist today. This requires a focus on developing digital professionals.

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