More practical and exploratory learning in school, Norway takes the lead

More practical and exploratory learning in school, Norway takes the lead

More Practical And Exploratory Learning In School, Norway Takes The Lead

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The Norwegian government has allocated NOK 127 million to all municipalities in the country to make everyday school life for pupils more relevant, practical and exploratory. The money is distributed as an earmarked grant according to the number of students in grades 5-10. Municipalities can apply for the grant by filling in a simple application form at the Directorate of Education to start their journey to offer more practical and exploratory learning in school.

Minister of Education Kari Nessa Nordtun (Ap) stated that many children and young people are not motivated and are bored at school. She believes that practical and varied learning is the key to increasing motivation and learning outcomes. 

The grant can be used to purchase equipment packages, fixtures, and appliances for laboratories, music rooms, school kitchens, and various workshops. It can also be used for physical activity, hiking, outdoor activities, and to equip outdoor areas for an outdoor school. Additionally, the grant can be used to establish a modern media lab, a Newton room, or school gardens.

Many teachers want to achieve more practical learning in all subjects but often lack the equipment or arenas they need to do this. The Norwegian government is taking action to address this issue 1. Minister Nordtun expressed her excitement to see the results of the grant in the coming year and is confident that students will benefit from the new equipment and facilities.

Source: Norwegian Government

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